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Lochlan Webb was born in 1991 in Victoria, Australia. A poor country boy with a heart of gold, Lochlan briefly studied Creative Writing, before stepping away to pursue a career as a Construction Estimator.
Currently, Lochlan lives in Melbourne with his lovely girlfriend Christina and demonic cat Misty.


The Crusader's Secret

September 24, 2019

The First Crusade has long been a mystery to the followers of the Church of the Shepherd. None know who they fought, or why, and the centuries have long buried any real evidence.
Until now.
Selene Blackburn has a journal. The ravings of a long dead knight, hinting at a dark secret. Forsaking her life as a noble lady, she leaves her home of Brookton, determined to find the truth.
The crusader's path is a dark one, however. Other forces seek the truth of the First Crusade. From the fabled city of Portcullis to the calm riverbanks of Brookton they prowl, madmen, thieves and murderers.
Following in the crusader's own footsteps, Selene will soon learn just how dark the world is outside her father's lands.


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