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Lochlan Webb was born in 1991 in Victoria, Australia. A poor country boy with a heart of gold, Lochlan briefly studied Creative Writing, before stepping away to pursue a career as a Construction Estimator.
Currently, Lochlan lives in Melbourne with his lovely girlfriend Christina and demonic cat Misty.


The Ravage of Mateon

July 3rd, 2020

Nestled in the mountains, the small nation of Mateon is troubled. King Leonas Tygada is beset by enemies on all sides. The Abai'ins to the south scheme and probe his borders, whilst to the north, the Church of the Shepherd glowers, wishing to extend the reach of their priests. These problems are trivial, however, to the horrors that have migrated to the mountain ranges. As monstrous figures stalk their prey, and shadows plot in every dark crevice and alley, Leonas and his allies steel themselves for the bloodshed that is to come. The very survival of Mateon is at stake.

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