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Lochlan Webb was born in 1991 in Victoria, Australia. A poor country boy with a heart of gold, Lochlan briefly studied Creative Writing, before stepping away to pursue a career as a Construction Estimator.
Currently, Lochlan lives in Melbourne with his lovely girlfriend Christina and demonic cat Misty.


The Lady In The Shadows

March 17th, 2021

While there is finally some measure of peace in Mateon, the architects of the small kingdom’s woes still remain unpunished. The great houses of Abai move against one another, with schemes reaching across the land, and even beyond the Pharoah’s borders.
Shadows stalk the living in Abai, as slaves and nobles alike feel themselves trapped by this mysterious web. Underneath it all, two hunters continue to pursue their unnatural prey, hoping to find an answer to a most dangerous question.
What do the dead men want?

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