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Lochlan Webb was born in 1991 in Victoria, Australia. A poor country boy with a heart of gold, Lochlan briefly studied Creative Writing, before stepping away to pursue a career as a Construction Estimator.
Currently, Lochlan lives in Melbourne with his lovely girlfriend Christina and demonic cat Misty.

The Lost Fortress

17th of June, 2023

Fredd is a damned man.

His wife taken, cursed by his own faith and ostracised from those he once cared about, the man who dreamed of joining the Silver Guard of Koenn has been replaced by a wretch stacking bricks in the city of Einburg. Around him, the kingdom of Koenn holds it's breath. Twin heirs both stand poised to inherit a throne that can only bear one of them. Prince Jakobb Ozlo desperately works to keep the nobles in his father's court under control, while the Black Prince of Koenn, Hennrick Ozlo, marches out to battle once again.

With so much conflict on the horizon, Fredd can only scramble for his last shreds of hope, or be consumed by his own damnation.

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